Our Story

It's been a long journey to recognize the dream of opening RosieStar and how we got here is a story that will not feel foreign to many women, unfortunately. Our small team is comprised of me, Owner/Founder Tara Stroud and my faithful assistants, Rosie the Dog and Rivet the Cat and some of Rosie's furry friends help from time to time. Rosie and Rivet were both named after Rosie the Riveter, a symbol that has meaning to me  as a way that women were granted independence outside of the home (click here for a full historical account of the Rosie the Riveter Icon https://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/rosie-the-riveter)

After many years of on the job harassment from male bosses, both sexual and career intimidation, I knew I had to break out of this vicious cycle and become my own boss, so after saving and brainstorming for 2 years I'm finally able to realize my dream and bring you a clothing and accessories store rooted in female determination and empowerment! 

I want to share with you the first time I felt like a star in my clothes, it's a moment I'll never forget and I want to recreate that feeling for YOU! I had always just been a mall shopper, picking up whatever was available from the big retailers and not really thinking about style. Then I met Suzie. My new friend was a stylist! In LA! And she knew clothes! She helped me shop and when we got home and I tried on the first outfit, I burst out to Suzie "I want to feel like this in all my clothes!!!" 

Fast forward to the incubus of RosieStar and I had just returned home from my first trip to LA  with a stock of inventory for RosieStar, I solicited my sister Taryn to try on outfits for me and I styled them for her and when she had on her first outfit she burst out to me "I feel so AMAZING right now!!" That was exactly what I needed to hear and I told her that is how I want to make all women feel in their clothes! When we have confidence in ourselves, we exert our power more and that is the life that I want for women, a life of empowerment!

I have carefully curated all the clothing to insure quality and longevity. I hope to meet some amazing women on this journey and welcome to RosieStar, where we want to dress the Revolution and make you the hero of your story!

So, here we are, let's get this party started SisSTARS!! 

Any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out!


In power,

Tara, Rosie the Dog & Rivet the Cat!


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